After the success of our request for reader questions to Andy Partridge a few weeks ago, we decided we’d give it another go and let our dedicated Popdose readers have the opportunity to offer up queries to another pair of pop music legends: Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs.

The duo are on the cusp of releasing their second collection of cover songs – Under the Covers, Vol. 2, scheduled for a 7/21 release on Shout Factory – and have agreed to answer your questions as part of the promotional blitz for the album. The deadline for submission is June 18th, so if you want to know about their collaborations, their respective solo careers, or their band work (the Bangles, Rainy Day, Oh OK, Buzz of Delight, the Thorns, or even Ming Tea), leave your questions below. And, yes, asking about this film is considered to be fair game:

Only one word of warning: don’t expect me to ask either of them, “Why are you such a wanker?” Trust me when I tell you that, based on my recent experience, artists do not like it when you ask them that.