TRNZPRNT (pronounced as “transparent”) are New York/New Jersey area hard rock veterans of several bands, now having joined together to form this heavy-ish rock unit in the vein of Aerosmith or Cheap Trick, which to me, can never be a bad thing.  No Alibis, their latest and second offering, is a seven-song mini-album and has the kind of feel and balls that you would expect “rock”  to have.  “No Alibis”,  the title track, starts the mini-album in just the kind of Aerosmith-y way with an energy that leaps out and grabs you from the opening snarling-riff.  “VooDoo Shake” is a heavier, ’70’s-boogie-style work out and has some great backing harmonies; at moments, it reminded me of some of Kiss’ best early tracks.  “Dirty Dancer” is a riff-driven ass-kicker; the surprise is a cover of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac classic “Oh Well”, presented in a heavier form – a very nice touch.

In a time when there’s so little in the way of good old rock, it’s great to see and hear guys who still hold true to the ideal.  Hope to catch Trnzprnt one of these nights – and to hear more from them.


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