Around here, we do a lot of talking about cover songs, and most of that comes with complaints. Despite that, we really love cover songs. We just have a peculiar way of expressing that love.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone, except Mr. Howard Milligan of 42 East Road in Monmouth County, NJ, that your humble and occasionally talented Popdose Staff has frequently taken a stab at tribute via tuneage. The shock is that, now and then, we’re actually pretty good at it. Mr. Milligan is now totally stunned by that revelation, can’t take the stupefaction anymore, and has just gone outside to rake the leaves.

Because we love you almost as much as we love ourselves, and don’t get cocky because our self-esteem is actually shockingly low, Popdose presents our best musical endeavors based upon the merits of others. Will we succeed in being your brand-new pop music sweethearts, or send you racing to the shed to find an axe with which to ”exorcise” your PC? You’ll have to make that call after you’ve checked us out.

Welcome to Fantasy Island C.Y.A. (or ”Cover Your Ass,” for the acronym-averse).


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