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They Might Be Giants released their new album, Join Us, this summer through Idlewild/Rounder Records. Join Us finds the Brooklyn originals returning to rock and to their singular sensibility that made them an instant phenomenon in the world of alternative rock. In the many months spent making and then promoting the album, the band recorded several new tracks, not all of which made it onto the album. The band has compiled the best of these recordings to create a brand new full-length, made up of rarities and many previously unheard tracks. The resulting record is titled Album Raises New and Troubling Questions and will be released via Amazon and iTunes November 1 through Idlewild Recordings.

If you haven’t had a chance to view the ”Can’t Keep Johnny Down” video the band released last week, watch the cinematic behemoth featuring Rip Torn as a hot sauce chugging, bare-knuckled street fighter HERE. Now you can download the brand new ”Can’t Keep Johnny Down” (Midnight Sun remix) MP3 where it premiered today with Interview Magazine or HERE.

Album Raises New and Troubling Questions features special extra studio cuts, in addition to a live version of “CloisonnÁ©” only previously heard on the official video for the song, a fantastic remix of “You Probably Get That A Lot” from the Elegant Too, and the band’s infamous appearance on The Onion AV Club’s ”Undercover Series,” performing “Tubthumping” with the AV Club Choir. Fans who download the album from the band’s official website will also receive a pdf with complete images and instructions to make your own life size paper monster hearse. It also includes a 5 free video bonus.

Album Raises New and Troubling Questions Track Listing

1. O We
2. Authenticity Trip
3. You Probably Get That A Lot (Elegant Too remix)
4. Now I Know
5. Doom Doom
6. Tubthumping (feat. the Onion AV Club Choir)
7. Electronic Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
8. CloisonnÁ© (live)
9. Marty Beller Mask
10. How Now Dark Cloud?
11. Money for Dope
12. The Fellowship of Hell
13. Read A Book
14. Mountain Flowers
15. Havalina
16. 200 Sbemails
17. Boat of Car – TMBG’s ”Other Thing Brass Band”
18. Mr. Me – TMBG’s ”Other Thing Brass Band”
19. Dirt Bike – TMBG’s ”Other Thing Brass Band”
20. Particle Man – TMBG’s ”Other Thing Brass Band”

1. Electronic Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
2. You Probably Get That A Lot
3. Can’t Keep Johnny Down
4. Spoiler Alert
5. CloisonnÁ©

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