New Jersey metal band Ill Nino has sold over 3 million records over the course of six albums. The band’s latest effort, Epidemia, showcases their signature blend of aggressive and bilingual vocals, Latin/tribal rhythms and contagious riffs that will keep you on your toes.

Ill Nino‘s lead vocalist, Cristian Machado, delivered a list of bone-crunching rock albums when asked for his Desert Island Discs. Check them out below!

1. Iron Maiden Live After Death

Let’s face it, this album could very well be the greatest 80’s Metal album ever released. It contains all the Maiden hits & these live performances are nothing short of perfect. When my cousin played me this album, it prompted me to make my first cassette tape copy that exact night. Definitely need to have this on the island!

2. Sepultura Roots

I consider this the first Culture Metal album ever. Talk about laying down the darkest tribal rhythms while capturing the anger in Metal, you can not live without the primordial essence of this record. On a deserted island, I wouldn’t be surprised if these songs bring out the hunter in me.

3. Quicksand Slip

As far as melodic music goes, I can not go longer than a month without listening to this 90’s post hard core masterpiece. This band was a huge inspiration on my clean vocal attack on “Revolution, Revolucion”. This band’s style was so original & unique at that time, it really changed my life. I can not survive without this album.

4. Animals as Leaders Animals as Leaders

Possibly my favorite album at the moment. It’s a musical masterpiece & really covers all grounds creatively. I truly cherish artists who can do their thing, wether it be technical or simple but, can also capture their own unique sound & style. This band, without having any vocals present, can lay out a positive mood for me no matter what has happened that day. I think this one would be crucial.

5. Tool Undertow

This band is possibly the most original band ever. Sure, it’s an opinion but, it’s a damn good one. Regardless of how you feel about this band, I can not express how accurately this album churns a spirit like presence while under hallucination. I don’t condone any drug use. I would definitely want to have this album in a tropical lonely world.

Check out Ill Nino’s video for “La Epidemia” and make sure you give a listen to the Epidemia album, which is out now!

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