Boston-based Munk Duane has been a fixture in the local music scene for years. The New York-born musician went to college at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. His music has been featured in a variety of podcasts, movies and TV shows over the years, including The Sopranos, NCIS, and the 2010 Super Bowl halftime show. He also has a video blog called “Subfamous”, that details the triumphs and tribulations of a working musician.

Inspired by the country music his parents listened to as a child as well as the explorations of albums like U2’s The Joshua Tree and The Rolling Stones’ Exile On Main Street, Munk’s latest project finds him getting deeper into the sound of American roots music than he has before. The EP Everywhere is South of Somewhere (available digitally everywhere) contains five songs that incorporate everything from rock ‘n roll rave ups to country balladry. Under the name the Munk Duane Band, this project serves as a musical rebirth for the artist.

True to his eclectic nature, Munk served up a list of Desert Island Discs from artists who blur genre lines a little bit. Read on to see what he picked.

Soul CoughingRuby Vroom
This disc spun my head around and changed the way I was approaching music as an artist at the time. It was such an original blend of everything I loved all in one innovative package. Hooky melodies, thought provoking lyrics, funktastic rhythmic pocket, sampled callouts to everything from classical to jazz to The Andrew Sisters, it was the sound of New York.

Jeff BuckleyGrace
From the subtle Bayou sounds to the tip of the hat to Led Zeppelin and the howl of a voice in true despair, Grace just haunts the Hell out of me every time I listen. I feel like he’s speaking to me from the other side.

Led ZeppelinMothership
Because if you gotta take just one…
I can listen to the innovation of Page and the boys all day long. They were the first iteration of “Mashup”.

The BeatlesRevolver
I mean, c’mon… I don’t have to explain this one. This put me on the road to becoming a songwriter.

Brad PaisleyPlay
This mostly instrumental GUITAR focused disc showed me there are still guitar heroes out there to worship. From the tone to the technique and whimsy, Paisley is everything in a player I aspire to be.

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