Well first of all, if the seven of us ended up on a deserted island, it would go from deserted to crowded. We’d be in the middle of a population crisis right away.

Rather than list 35 albums to bring (a practical library), we’ve voted, argued, and drew straws to come to these five albums. We looked for an album that came with a knife or a lighter but apparently, there are none.

The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds

What better music to listen to on an island in the middle of the Pacific? If we were stranded on an island in Nova Scotia this might not work out as well, but we’re assuming the island is tropical.

The Doors, Waiting for the Sun

Tribal, surfy, and far-out, this is the best album to listen to on the beach. We could blast “Not to Touch the Earth” and do the fire dance.

Vampire Weekend (Self-Titled)

If we’re stuck on an island together, we’re bound to be fed up with one another. This album reeks of positive vibes we could probably use.

Herb Alpert, Whipped Cream and Other Delights

We do not feel that the selection of this album needs an explanation. The album speaks for itself.

T. Rex, Electric Warrior

Once shelter was built and basic food and water needs were routinely met, it’d be days of lazy beach lounging in handmade hammocks until the Navy picked us up. For this sunset period of our island time, we’d definitely need the T. Rex.

Southwork’s new album, Arise, is out now. Visit their site for more information, and check out the video for their song “My Demise” below.

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