Welcome to Mope Like Me, the audio book version! Wait, where are you going?

I didn’t start off with that in mind, but I sure ended it that way. The initial plan was to work in a couple of Medsker faves that I had inexplicably yet to play, but the final two songs (which you may have just glossed over via hyperlink) received the Mope treatment back in the day, and one other song was covered in an album review (yep, another hyperlink). Hey, what can I say, when I make these shows, the heart takes the wheel most of the time.

Bryan Ferry makes a (very long) appearance. The Dream Academy pops up, but not the song you’re expecting, no matter what song you’re expecting. Even Madonna shows up. Fan of her work with Patrick Leonard? Stick around.

By the way, the album title that I blanked on? It’s called Laura. I regret the error.

Thank you as always for listening.

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