Love songs are great, they really are, but breakup songs are so much more interesting. And they come in many shapes and sizes, as this mix will attest. Dance tracks, indie rock tracks, Beatlesque pop, hard rock, Spector-esque bombast, jazzy pop excursions…they’re all here.

And this isn’t all: on Valentine’s Day, I am dropping a second breakup mix, this time focusing on the ballads. Two artists show up in both shows. Think you can guess who they are? I’ll give you a hint: they both worked together for years, mainly one of them producing the other. 

Artists making their Dizzy Heights debut this week include Adam Ant (solo), Airborne Toxic Event, Cause & Effect, Gotye, Guns n Roses, Shakespear’s Sister, Sugar, and a brand new song by the band Unloved.

Yes, I actually say wifes’ in one of the talkie bits, rather than wives.’ Whoops.

Thank you, as always, for listening.

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