My not-so-inner club DJ takes over the second half of the show with a seven-song set that ends with a glam band about 12 years past their peak, but by no means past their prime. I love ending dance mixes with a rock song, especially that one.

Before that, a fair dose of ska and one legendary Irish band. Just ask their singer.

Fans of a-ha, Sigue Sigue Sputnik and the Thompson Twins might also want to tune in, you know, in case I play any bands similar to them.

Now dig through the Popdose archives. There’s good writin’ in them thar woods.

I also want to mention that, while it sounds like I say “Irregardless” towards the end, I’m actually saying, “I mean, regardless.” Because I’m not a fucking idiot. I am many things, but I know that ‘irregardless’ is not a word.

Thank you as always for listening!

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