There’s one thing you have to say about the editors of movies and their trailers, and by extension, those who score the movies afterward. Even if the director has an iron hand and insists on leaving his mark indelibly on a production, it is the post-production team that puts the fire on the brand.

If there’s any question of this, take note of another YouTube video subgenre, the trailer re-cut. As seen below, with a forceful vision, a convincing soundtrack and maybe a slight tinting trick or two, you can turn a movie trailer inside out. Here are some examples to clarify the point.

Mrs. Doubtfire as psychological thriller. She seemed like the perfect nanny, but the eyes can lie!

Happy Gilmore as inspirational sports flick. He’s just a guy with a dream.

The Shining as family/rom-com. A little bit o’ love can drive you crazy.

Mary Poppins as horror flick. A spoonful of sugar helps the demons go down.

And Sleepless In Seattle

And Uncle Buck

But not The Ring.

And finally, we know the real truth behind Up.

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