This is excellent – pure and simple.  Chicago singer-songwriter Brandon Cunningham delivers four absolutely stunning tracks on this latest E.P., Giveout.  From sparse and haunting to lush and textured, this young musician knows how to write a song and convey the emotions that make these songs stand out so strongly.

Opening with “Baby”, my instant reaction was that he’d listened to Big Star’s 3rd – the space of acoustic guitars and few lyrical lines would suggest inspiration from a track like “Kanga Roo”.  The beauty of this track is that it builds up slowly, only to drop and pull itself back in the most satisfying way.  “Bush Wives” has a surf-guitar feel to go with the “big room” production – a dramatic, full number that rocks.  “Doubt” is slow, dark and layered, reaching to a cacophony of feedback towards the end but never dreary and “Lines In The Sand” veers towards a country-feel and is the most bare-boned of the four songs, with just guitar and vocals.

It’s these kinds of releases – the kind where thought, craft and musical ability are allowed to be and breathe – that I can sink my teeth into.  Four songs is a very good place to start.  And Brandon Cunningham has done a very, very good job with Giveout.


Giveout is available now




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