The warmth of sounds coming from this new E.P. by Danielia Cotton cannot be understated; the slabs of structure and arrangement are sophisticated and perfectly executed.  A Prayer is only five songs, but these five tracks show how dynamic she is as a singer.

Listen to the movements of “Seesaw” – it’s a dramatic and fully-realized  piece that rocks amidst the orchestral elements; choral harmonies in the background – it’s a throwback to finessed singer-songwriter rock from another generation.  “Wasted In A Prayer” has a groove but some tasty guitars and a big sound that you can easily imagine on radio – anthemic yet not pompous; “Afraid To Burn” has that unmistakable feel of “modern rock” and a subtle yet always-welcomed use of ebow-ed guitar (and her voice, I think hits perfection here).  “Anything But Ordinary” builds slowly but then breaks into a hot vibe, then back again – the back and forth of tempo is on-the-one and “A Prayer” has that unmistakable Willie Mitchell influence – soulful, passionate and joyous.

So five songs may not be a lot, but these five songs are to be played over and over; savored and enjoyed.  Between the melodies and execution and Ms. Cotton’s voice, it’s a win-win.


A Prayer is available now


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