An E.P. is always a good way to dip your musical toe in the market; it’s also a great way to begin laying the foundation of a band-to-audience relationship.  Two bands that I loved from their first E.P.’s onward were R.E.M. and Flag Of Convenience.  That was back in 1982; now 33 years later, a new Los Angeles-based band, Kill My Coquette, unleashes their first recorded steps and it’s got wheels.  Driving, urgent, tight and yet a little ramshackle like all good no-bullshit rock & roll should be.  Garage-y, great sounding (good production) and filled with melody and structure, the five songs that comprise this release flow together nicely.

Fronted by lead singer Natalie Denise Sperl, her vocals fit the feel and the words of these songs; at times, a little Patti Smith-ish – at others, soft and sultry.  Her delivery gives full-bodied life to these songs, which is essential.  Starting with “3rd And Bonnie Brae”, an infectious, propulsive track, you know the direction and you instantly buckle in for the ride.  “Festival Boy” starts a little soft and then kicks it up into heavy-dom; “Sweet Baby Blooze” is downright sexy, thanks to the breathiness of Ms. Sperl’s vocal delivery.  “Close To Me” reminds me of several different things, but I like the feedback frenzy mixed in with the slow sweetness of the melody and “Post Teenage Angst” sounds just like its title – 100 m.p.h., spat out narrative and yet not lacking tunefulness.

As I said, an E.P. is a very good way to introduce yourself.  And Kill Your Coquette have delivered a very fine “how do you do?” to an unsuspecting and hopefully eager audience.  Looking forward to what comes next.


Kill My Coquette’s debut E.P. will be released on January 20th, 2015

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