Chicago has just been an endless wealth of musical riches for the last two years with new bands/performers cropping up regularly (certainly to this writer) and here again is a new band, Nice Motor.  Formed from the ashes of  two bands, Jonny Rumble and Super Happy Fun Club (now there’s a name for ya!), this four-piece plays a crisp, thoroughly enjoyable pop with no pretension or pomposity.  To this point, they’ve released two tracks and now have issued their debut E.P., Seminary St.

“All The Neighbors” has a nice, very ’60’s-meets- early ’80’s vibe; great reverb on the guitars with clean strums and a strident rhythm – and listen carefully for the very subtle underlying “ah”s on the chorus; “Turn To Stone” jogs along with sweetly picked acoustic guitar as its body, but the pulsing bass and foot pedal keeping time on the drum keeps it lively and builds toward the end.  “High Maintenance” is ripe with melody and a very nice mix of twangy guitar, gentle keyboard embellishes and a taut drum pattern that holds the song together just right and “Thick In The Head” is a very ’80’s-style piece (reminding me at moments of The Church’s “Reptile”) with echo-y guitar riffs that yields to intense, rave-up choruses.

These four songs are a very good indication of what Nice Motor are capable of.  Hopefully, a full-length album is on the horizon because I, for one, would be more than willing to buy it.  A very, very good debut.


Seminary St. is available now (listen below)


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