Warm, pleasant, embracing, soothing – these are the immediate impressions upon first listen to Peppina, a singer-songwriter from Finland, who has signed on with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s production company, and is about to release her first EP, Follow Your Gravity.

What I like about her singing is her ability to phrase and deliver lines without going into a faux-soul pitch or being unnecessarily breathy; she’s “natural” sounding and exudes a sweetness that fits the songs, which are well-structured, lush at times and highly melodic.  Starting with “Time Standing Still”, an embracingly touching song, it’s an excellent introduction.  “What You Are Will Show” is an upbeat, poppy number that has a very singalong feel and a catchy chorus.  “We Can Go Back Again” is a dramatic but not heavy-handed piano ballad that slowly builds up with harmonies and some subtle jazz touches.

If this is Peppina’s first offering, she’s due for a long career – at least I hope so.  Quality songwriting, emotional but restrained vocals and memorable songs will always be the order of the day.  And so far, Peppina’s got it.


Follow Your Gravity will be available on February 24th, 2015

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