The New Switcheroo are yet another new band from a very vibrant and diverse Chicago music scene; their sound is a combination of roots rock, folk and chamber pop with stunning harmonies and chillingly gorgeous arrangements.  And with Heartless Sky, their debut EP, they showcase their skills convincingly. The production is “natural” and warm, which adds to the finesse of the performances.

“Lightning” is stark; acoustic guitar, violin, piano and a mix of quiet lead vocal elevated by on-the-one harmonies; “Pixelated NM” has a slow-rhythm country feel with some rich “fiddle” figures weaved throughout.  “I Remember Clifford” is a story-song that builds as it progresses; “NMR” has a old-time feel with banjo, jangly piano and stridently uptempo rhythm and what sounds like stand up bass and “Waltz Of The Galaxy” is a dramatic closer that fills in all colors, with piano, harmonica, violin and powerhouse vocals.

If The New Switcheroo deliver a full length album along the same lines as this fine debut EP, then they’ve definitely won themselves a new fan and someone who’ll be watching them closely.  I think they have a fine road ahead of them.  This is one not to miss.


Heartless Sky is available now


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