Punk is dead? Not so, says NYC’s Bad Mary, a high-voltage punk-rock outfit ready to rock your face off. Perhaps what’s even more punk than the band’s sound is its makeup: at its core are Amanda Mac and Mike Staub, two lovebirds who met at Hofstra University. Joining them is their professor and Amanda’s dad. (Fun fact, the band has seven academic degrees among them.) Yep, this quartet is a mixed bag for sure, but whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it oh so right.

Conjuring Blondie and the Sex Pistols, Bad Mary infuses a bit of early-Green Day style punk into their music, rendering it totally listenable and accessible, whether you’re a pop nerd, screamo fan, or somewhere in between. After spending the last year cutting their chops in the live scene, the band’s latest output, We Could Have Saved the World, finds them with renewed energy and a drive to create punk unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. ”Expect a little more energy and speed on this one,” says Mac. ”We’re doing what we do best.”

Check out the exclusive Popdose premiere of the band’s single, “Sucks to Be You,” from their upcoming release below!

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