This five-song e.p. comes from a “family band” – the Wyatt siblings:  Maddy on lead vocals, acoustic guitar and flute; Paul on lead guitar and Alex on drums, aided and abetted by three other friends to flesh out a full sound.  An excellent production and great, “total” songs make Here Comes Everybody a highly satisfying listen.  My hyper-sensitivity to anything even slightly akin to Big Star was triggered by the descending opening riff to the first cut, “Palacyum”, which sounds not dissimilar to “Feel”, the first song on #1 Record and it’s a strong, rocking kick off; “L’Ete” is sung in French and somewhat hypnotic with a singular riff and robotic drumming through the verses, where the chorus turns melodic – and yet it’s all wonderfully disjointed.  “Up And Up” is a swirling mix of Primus-like guitar figures and some soulful keyboards with saucy vocals; “4 & 20” is delicate with a keyboard riff, subtle acoustic guitars and ethereal harmonies on the vocals – and again, sung in French.  The closer, “Walking Down 6th Avenue In The Sun” is a warm and sweet track with rich vocals, melody and a lot of heart, especially with the refrain of “love will come back to you”.

Impressed would be an understatement – looking toward their next release is more appropriate.  And five songs is a fine introduction.  Here comes Wyatt – and that’s a good thing.


Here Comes Everybody will be released November 11, 2014


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