It isn’t enough that we live in a time of “Big Brother is REALLY watching you” with downloading documents from the internet and having authorities at your door a minute later.  Such is the tragic case of Reddit co-founder and technology prodigy Aaron Swartz, who tragically committed suicide in January 2013.  The Internet’s Own Boy is a very fine, very detailed look at his life, his amazing aptitude towards technology from a young age, his alleged crimes and the theories of what ultimately drove him to take his own life at the age of 26.

In-depth interviews with his family members, friends, co-workers and legal experts paint a portrait of a not-all-too-complex but very forward thinking individual. The film shows the timeline of Aaron Swartz’ involvement in helping to develop RSS feeds to the beginnings of Reddit; he was very much a giant footprint in the internet’s rapid development and advancement.  Most salient is his laboring over  issues such as social fairness, justice and political organization, which led to a two year legal hell.

You’ll want to see every moment of this fascinating and at times, blood-boiling documentary.  It reminds you to remain vigilant in a time when every one of our own actions may have ramifications without warning.  Aaron Swartz was a visionary, a scapegoat and now a martyr – and The Internet’s Own Boy presents his case very clearly.

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