Look, there ain’t really much to say about a four song split EP with one song at just 24-seconds. By the time I’m done this paragraph I’ll have listened to the album about 20 times. So instead, just listen for yourself.

This is a face fuck if there ever was one. While this is my first taste of the insane Skin Like Iron, it’s not for Nails. Their last album, Unsilent Death was fantastic and with these two songs here I’m becoming more and more convinced they may be the best group in the fucking universe. Christ, this will blow your mind off.

Here’s the details on the release:

This one-time pressing of 1000 copies will be split between a publicly available reserve of 900 copies on black wax and 100 copies on blue, available from the bands only. The artwork was handled by Skin Like Iron’s Alex Capasso.

Decibel is streaming the whole thing so go listen now.

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