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Jeff Giles: Remember when Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro were supposed to star in this?

Matt Springer: Sean Hayes looks especially awful and out of place. Maybe because he’s the only one I recognize.

Chris Holmes: Sadly, this isn’t even close to being the lamest trailer I’ve seen today.

Brian Boone: Hey, it’s that guy from that awful show, and the guy from the commercial, and that guy from that other awful show remaking that thing that nobody wanted!

Kelly Stitzel: I’m wracking my brain to think of a Farrelly brothers movie I like.


Their particular brand of humor is just not my cup of tea.

Michael Duquette: You know it’s bad when not even the Jersey Shore cast being mocked to their faces can make it better.

Boone: The Jersey Shore stuff will hold up about as well as the already-dated upon release “grunge rock” references have from The Brady Bunch Movie.

David Medsker: As someone who’s been opposed to this movie from the very beginning, I have to say that it looks exactly like I thought it would…and not particularly in a bad way. But hey, I saw New Year’s Eve last night, so my expectations are pretty low right now.

Dan Wiencek: I will say the cast seems better than that made-for-tv biopic of a few years back (Michael Chiklis as Curly, anyone?). Still, ouch. I expect this to soon occupy the same bargain-bin space as the Cedric the Entertainer-led Honeymooners film.

Duquette: Oof, The Honeymooners movie. Now all we need is a Welcome Back, Kotter film to complete the trilogy of terror.

Dw. Dunphy: Ah, the Welcome Back Kotter redux starring the Axis Of Evil Comedy Tour.

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