The name of the site might be Popdose, but rock and roll is our lifeblood. Here are some truly exciting new bands to truly get your heart racing and blood pumping to all the right places, most notably your fists and feet.

A Projection “¢ Exit

A Projection group_1

Stockholm’s A Projection takes you in the wayback machine to the early 80’s, recalling a variety of beloved post punk bands like Joy Division, a very young Cure, Comsat Angels and the Chameleons. Loads of post Millennial bands have tried this formula and a select few like Interpol have been able to make it work. A Projection takes “the sound” and makes it sound both retro and modern. Their debut album, Exit, is easily my favorite album of the year by a new artist, it’s packed full of sinister singles that crackle with urgency, energy and most importantly, addictive melodies that reward listening on heavy rotation. A Projection makes me want to dig up every cassette I made of my late 80’s college radio show.

Once you get past the DeJoy Division Vu in the rhythmic hook that kicks off lead single ‘Young Days’, the song is quite the rush:

A Projection

A Projection’s debut album, Exit, complete with it’s Peter Savilleian minimalist cover art, is out worldwide on Tapete Records. Pick it up on Amazon. Conenct with them on facebook.

American Television “¢ Optimist

American Televison

Great song, big hooks, clever video and money shots inside a few really cool indie record stores — what’s not to love about DC’s American Television? Essential listening for anyone who miss Goldfinger back when that band was fun. If you like Sum 41, Against Me!, and just about anything sunny, loud and Warped, this is for you. They have a two-track available on Bandcamp (name your price). Friend em on facebook.

The Breton Sound “¢ Don’t Be Afraid of Rock & Roll Volume #1

There couldn’t be a better title for the new EP by New Orleans’ The Breton Sound. In five thrilling tracks, they cover more rock and roll territory than most bands do in their entire careers. Imagine Greg Graffin (vocalist for Bad Religion) and Slash or perhaps Eddie Van Halen joining Weezer, and that just about describes the Breton’s sound courtesy of singer/guitarist Jonathan Pretus (formerly of Cowboy Mouth) and guitarist Stephen Turner. There are twists, turns and surprises throughout the EP, including a nice half beat nod to The Replacements’ ‘Alex Chilton’ inside a Jimmy Eat World’ian homage to Rivers Cuomo produced by Tom Drummond of Better Than Ezra (welcome to the Matrix good people):


The Bourgeois boys, John (on drums) and Joe (on bass) round out this mighty band. I am on pins and needles waiting for Volume #2; in the meantime, for less than $5, you can pick up Don’t Be Afraid of Rock and Roll Volume #1 on Amazon. Friend em on Facebook.

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