Dw. Dunphy: Just read this. Still processing.

Belieber: Faith, Fame and the Heart of Justin Bieber is the story of a young man who has musical talents and soulfulness well beyond his years. It is not your typical motivational or inspirational book but a book that peels back the veneer of celebrity to reveal the soul underneath the superstar. Falsani hopes that the book will be an opportunity for parents, teachers, pastors and youth to engage in conversation about the things they care about, the things they believe in.”

Jack Feerick: See, *this* is the kind of thing we should be reviewing for Kirkus.

Dunphy: I’m going for it. I’m just not sure why.

Jeff Giles: Oof. I can just imagine youth pastors using this to try and connect with their flock.

Chris Holmes: I cannot believe the hype surrounding this little turd or his stupid haircut.

Giles: Said your grandfather about David Cassidy.

Dave Lifton: My grandfather said it about Mozart.

Holmes: Yeah, I know, get off my lawn and whatnot.

Giles: Yeah, and this is a popular argument with artists like this. I do wonder, though, what the future holds for this kid — I mean, he’s a decent enough singer, from what little I’ve heard, and he plays, instead of just singing whatever a producer hands him. He also seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about himself. I wonder if he’ll head down a Timberlake path.

Dave Steed: Can’t blame him for doing what he’s doing, though I don’t know if I can see the Timberlake thing happening — I see that more with, say, a Jonas Brother, though they seem to have disappeared.

Brian Boone: Back in my day, wearing purple shoes was not a good way to attract girls.

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