Truth & Salvage Co. (Silver Arrow, 2010)
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Musical scions of the Eagles, Truth & Salvage Co. has the distinction of being the first band signed to Chris Robinson’s (The Black Crowes)  record label, and given an opening slot on the Crowes’ 2009 tour.  So, with that kind of introduction to the musical world, there’s a lot to live up to.  Thankfully, the band rises to the occasion on their mature sounding debut that came out over a year ago.

The album certainly harkens back to the early Eagles with an emphasis on straddling rock and country in a way that sounds authentic to both genres.  Truth & Salvage Co. clearly has the musical chops, they harmonize well, and there’s enough grittiness in their music to give them a certain heft.  But what about the songs on the album?  Well, while they are well crafted, soulfully played, and cleanly recorded, there’s a lack of overt pop hooks that stand out in the way the Eagles had down.  I don’t mean to suggest that the boys in Truth & Salvage Co. are the second coming of the Eagles, but since their musical DNA so closely matches the Eagles, comparisons cannot go unnoticed.

Standouts on the album include the bar room anthem “Hail Hail”  “Old Piano” (with Katy Perry contributing to vocal and piano), “Welcome to L.A.” and the radio-friendly “Call Back.” (Download).  If you love Americana with lush production and great harmonizing, you’ll enjoy Truth & Salvage Co.’s debut album. The songs take time to grow on you, but after awhile you’ll be singing along with the same passion the band has for their songs. However, if you’re fan of irresistible hooks, you may find this collection of tunes lacking in what you crave.  And for those Popdose fans living in California, you can see the band live on their tour of the Golden State at the following locations:

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