It’s nearly impossible to count out the creativity of the Internet generation anymore. As we’ve discussed on Popdose before, if you can grab a batch of movie trailers, a different soundtrack and approach both with a twisted outlook, you can change the emotional content of those trailers entirely.

If you have the ability to add more to them, like footage you’ve shot yourself, you’re downright dangerous. Place Robert Blankenheim in that category. With clips from Outbreak, The Siege, The Sum of All Fears and the original E.T. The Extraterrestrial (among others), he’s halfway to one of the most clever trailer-rips we’ve ever seen.

Then he goes on to add newly concocted E.T. footage and, in a sick and fascinating move, also includes other members of his homeworld who are, shall we say, not nearly as benevolent. It adds up to a seamless bit of revisionist cinematic history, and a heck of a demo reel for Blankenheim.

You can see more of Blankenheim’s work at the “official” site,

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