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On the 25th day of the 12th month of 2012, the Six-Tongued Hellgoat was summoned to rise from the ashes and bring darkness to this place called POPdose. Join him in his quest.

Somnolent Regurgitation of the Scrolls of Proselytism
(The Hellgoat wishes to convert you to the ways of the metal. But he prefers to let the press release and bio do most of the talking on these nefarious black circles.)

CoverAlbum: Cleric, Gratum Inferno
Label: Tofu Carnage
Release: September 26, 2013
Genre: Death Metal

Press: Formed by underground combatants from Kill the Client, Baring Teeth, and Tyrannosorceress, the members of Cleric are no stranger to all things brutal and visceral, and they fuse their old-school death metal aggressive tendencies here into a relentless attack. Recorded by Garry Brents (Kill The Client, Phobia, Noisear) and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (From Ashes Rise, Nails, Sleep), Cleric’s debut full-length LP, Gratum Inferno, boasts nearly a half-hour of grating, Stockholm-bred but Americanized death through seven hymns of debauchery, bizarre, haunting and horror-soundtrack elements permeating from deep within its hellish core.

The Hellgoat’s Take (9.5/10): Goddamn! Ridiculously loud and brutal with the best cover art of 2013, Cleric’s debut is technically proficient, riff heavy and migraine inducing all at the same time.  U.S. death metal doesn’t get a whole lot better than this.



Album: Master, The Witchhunt
Label: FDA Rekotz
Release: September 27, 2013
Genre: Death Metal

Press: The Witchhunt features 11 brand new tracks of classic and catchy death metal played with the intensity and attitude that Master fans have come to rely upon over the years. The album’s thick, massive production demonstrates the band’s superb musicianship and songwriting skills. This is an album that sees Master at the top of their 20+ year career.

The Hellgoat’s Take (7.5/10): 1000 words aren’t needed to review a record by Master. A new Master record is…just like an old Master record. The now legendary Paul Speckmann has made Master one of those classic Death Metal bands that continually deliver straightforward old-school death metal with no bullshit. You either like the musical style or you don’t. And Paul’s classic vomited vocals are the same way. Loved them before, love them now. Hate them before, The Witchhunt ain’t going to change your mind.

CoverAlbum: Onslaught, VI
Label: AFM Records
Release: September 24, 2013
Genre: Thrash

Press: UK thrashers Onslaught have become one of the bands that are now synonymous with the brilliance of and endurance of today’s thrash movement and it is to the delight of fans and critics around the world when the band announces the release of a new record… Time once again to prepare, because the band, led by charismatic singer Sy Keeler and powerhouse guitar duo Nige Rockett and Andy Rosser-Davies, is set to set the world of thrash on fire again with new album VI!! Put simply, if you like your thrash metal ‘Uncompromising’ and with that extra edge, then this is the album for you…

The Hellgoat’s Take (7.5/10): Although the Hellgoat would argue about how enduring and brilliant today’s thrash movement really is, Onslaught have created a record that doesn’t break the mold yet doesn’t sound like a clone either. While their peers are cranking out album after album of material that is pretty much exactly the same, at least Onslaught seem like they are trying a little bit.

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