Annie Logue: My kid has all three books and has been telling me that I NEED to read them. And I should, if only out of gratitude that he has never asked me to take him to a Taylor Swift concert.

Michael Parr: Mine has, in excruciating detail, told me all about The Hunger Games. The way he described it I had to ask where the heck he read it! (He read it in school.)

Scott Malchus: I started reading the first book while riding into work this morning. I did not want to get off of the train.

David Medsker: I love the whole series. The first one is clearly the best, but I am very excited for the movie.

Parr: Okay, since you folks have read it: is it appropriate for a 13-year-old? In the way my son described it, it sounds incredibly violent. I know I should probably just read it myself; I just haven’t had a chance.

Medsker: It’s pretty violent, but I’ll let my kids read it when they’re 13.

Bob Cashill: It’s basically the kinder, gentler version of the Japanese movie Battle Royale, or so I understand. I’ve arrived at an age when all of this (Twilight, etc.) is alien to me, but I expect my kids to bring me up to speed in a few years.

Medsker: Yes, it’s very much like Battle Royale, but I’ll be damned if I could put it down.

Dunphy: I’m still trying to come to terms with Twilight: Breaking Dawn being a Scholastic publication. Weren’t they one of Curious George‘s first publishers?

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