Howdilly ho, Popdoserinos! Time for another Medskerrific game of Name That Tune. I used to think I had a good sized CD collection…until I started running this game. Now, it seems infinitely small.

The Rules:

  • MAXIMUM THREE GUESSES between updates of the list, to give everyone a chance to play. An update of the list is when I post the entire list of correct guesses with the words “OFFICIAL UPDATE.”
  • While IÁ¢€â„¢m not going to be a stickler for spelling and punctuation, you must guess the correct musician and song title to a close approximation.

How the game is played: I have uploaded twenty-five very brief song clips. Please bear in mind that both my record collection and knowledge of music are probably 5% of that of Scraps’, so these quizzes won’t be nearly as comprehensive – or even hit-based – as his were. I will use mostly well-known songs, but I reserve the right to use something obscure if it suits my needs, like it does this week. Live versions and covers are also fair game, though I will stay away from remixes, because that’s just mean.

There is a puzzle song, with the other songs offering a clue as to its identity. It will probably take you three and a half seconds to figure it out. If that.

And here are the clips:

  1. clip 1
  2. clip 2
  3. clip 3
  4. clip 4
  5. clip 5
  6. clip 6
  7. clip 7
  8. clip 8
  9. clip 9
  10. clip 10
  11. clip 11
  12. clip 12
  13. clip 13
  14. clip 14
  15. clip 15
  16. clip 16
  17. clip 17
  18. clip 18
  19. clip 19
  20. clip 20
  21. clip 21
  22. clip 22
  23. clip 23
  24. clip 24
  25. clip 25
  26. Lastly, here’s the Puzzle song.


    I suggest subscribing to the comments on the post to more easily follow the progress of the game. Remember — please! — NO MORE THAN THREE GUESSES between updates of the list. Have fun!

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