Waiting for the next Damnwells record is always painful — especially when you know it’s so very close at hand — but this time around, lead singer/songwriter Alex Dezen has been kind enough to further whet our appetites for new tunes with a batch of EPs. Christened the Bedhead Series, Dezen’s latest project continues this week with the release of the descriptively titled 2/4, out now via Bandcamp.

2/4 contains three songs, including the moody seven-minute epic “Other People’s Drugs” (embedded below), “Not So Bad,” and “The Ballad of Eve and Randy Quaid.” You can stream the whole thing for free, but c’mon, don’t be such a cheapskate — Dezen’s a goddamn genius, and it’s only four bucks. Isn’t songwriting this smart worth four bucks? Of course it is. Open your wallet now and thank me later.

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