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I love it when really good music comes out during the first half of the year. It makes it that much easier for me to get started on my year-end Best Of post. And so I’m especially excited about “Drink the Water,” the first officially released song from the upcoming Eisley album Currents. It will be Eisley’s second release on the Albany-based Equal Vision Records imprint, and follows the excellent 2011 LP The Valley.

“Drink the Water” doesn’t immediately sound like a huge departure from the Tyler, Texas group’s signature sound of dreamy, beautiful pop music. But listen closely and there’s a slightly more sparse, cavernous style not found on their first three LPs. But hey, as long as those gorgeous vocals are there — and they are — it’s all good.

If you’re already an Eisley fan, I expect you’ll really dig “Drink the Water.” And if you’re not, well, now’s as good a time as any to get on board.

Currents goes on sale May 28, and Eisley hits the road in June in support of Say Anything. You can find a list of concert dates on the band’s official website.

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