Summer is officially here, so things are about to get hot. This past week, two spicy songs with azure nomenclature landed in my inbox. Which one best gets your knickers in a twist? Let’s see which way you swing…

Verre “¢ Blu

Verre, the Southern California quintet that scored my best single of 2013 award with the lush and sensual, ‘Mad’, return this week with an uptempo number called ‘Blu’. The mysterious lineup of Alice (Vocals), Brandon (Drums & Piano), Chris (Guitar), Kristina (Bass) and Mike (Guitar) return, with Mike and Chris getting a bit more sonic action this time around. Their sound could perhaps be dubbed ‘TripRotica’ due to their mixture of Trip/Hop, electronic, soul and arousing ambient soundscapes.

Verre Mad

“I grew up listening to a lot of R&B,” Alice told POPDOSE via a group chat on Facebook. “Aaliyah was one of the first artists who inspired me to sing. Her natural soul and talent has always been a huge influence.”

“Alice is strongly influenced by Hip Hop and R&B, while the rest of us listen to a lot of ambient, alternative music,” adds Kristina who has a soft spot in her heart for No Doubt. “The combination of the two, creates Verre. Our passion is to write music that is relatable and moving. We strive to create our own genre.” Chris reveals his main influence is Kurt Cobain, so I guess anything is possible with the new songs that lie ahead.

Lest we not forget how fabulous ‘Mad’ was, here’s a refresher:

This summer, the band puts the wraps on their debut full length while preparing to take their live show on the road.

For new releases and concert announcements, connect with Verre on facebook.

Bloom Twins “¢ Blue

Now that I’ve seen how good the special effects are on Orphan Black, I’m not entirely convinced the Bloom Twins aren’t a single person. While the existence of both an Anna and Sonia Kuprienko is up to debate, the appeal of their image and music are easy to see and hear. Similarly triprotic to Verre, the Bloom Twins follow-up their MTV Iggy hit, ‘Fahrenheit’, with ‘Blue’ — a sensual ditty that gets the full fashion-forward cinematic treatment in a brand new video that is half Cinemax After Dark feature, half September Issue of Vogue and half Dos Equis Commercial. If you think this is going to be yet another movie where an actor gets to mack an actress half his age, well, you’d be right. According to the press release the storyline is based on a bittersweet memory of a dysfunctional relationship, the female protagonist (played by both Anna and Sonia) is remembering moments with a two-faced lover: On the one hand she recalls him as the mature, masculine, elegant, caring yet mysterious character (Aiden Shaw), on the other hand yearns for his wild, reckless, exciting and charming side (Billy Huxley).

Huh? Its closer to two Rachel’s from Orphan Black‘s Clone Club seducing both a handsome indie hipster and the Most Interesting Man in the World. Hot? Check. Worth the listen? Double check. And if you’re a fashionista like me, the polka dot bespoke fashions by Joshua Kane (from his Autumn/Winter 2014 line) are worth spending the next four minutes with this video alone.

A promising debut — can’t wait for the full-length. Til then, connect with the Bloom Twins on facebook.

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