The Terminator Anthology is an exclusive box set of all four Terminator films sold at Best Buy. It comes housed in a kick ass collector’s case that displays the Terminator cyborg skeleton head for every sci-fi fan to geek out over and every kid to have nightmares about every night. This is the first time all four movies from this film franchise have been put together in one place.You get the groundbreaking first film, made in 1984 on a low budget by a then unknown writer/director named James Cameron. This film made Cameron and the film’s villain, Arnold Schwarzenegger, stars and propelled their careers on to bigger budgets and larger acclaim. It would be nearly a decade before Cameron returned to the Terminator universe, with 1991’s, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which not only became a box office juggernaut, but also revolutionized the effects industry with the use of CG effects.

As far as I’m concerned, both of these movies are essential to any fan boy collection. Furthermore, they’re both important movies of their eras, as their influence is still being felt. In 2003, a decade after T2, the third Terminator film, Rise of the Machines, was commissioned, this time without James Cameron’s involvement. Jonathon Mastow helmed this second sequel to mixed results. Schwarzenegger, looking a little long in the tooth to play an action hero, reprised the role again, but it was Kristanna Loken, as the deadly T-X, that stole the show.  The fourth film of the Terminator series is actually a prequel and was intended to reboot the entire franchise. In Terminator: Salvation, McQ directs with his typical frenetic style and Christian Bale stars as the futuristic John Connor, who would set in motion the events that lead to the first movie. This movie became famous for Bale’s infamous on set tantrum than the film itself. Regardless of what you think of this fourth movie, it does add to the franchise and makes for an interesting addition to the ongoing story of Terminator and the fate of humanity.

Picture quality is superb on all four movies, which is especially exciting with the very first one. For those of us who grew up watching the movie on VHS, Beta and laser disc, seeing Cameron’s tense thriller in pristine form is a joy.

Special Features on the box set include: The Terminator: A Retrospective “Other Voices” Documentary with James Cameron interviews Deleted Scenes with James Cameron All 3 version of T2 in 1080p THX – Theatrical, Extended and Special Editions T2 Audio commentary with James Cameron and writer William Wisher T2 Cast & Crew audio commentary Deleted Scenes/ Outtakes Over 8 hours of interactive special features: behind-the-scenes video and multimedia galleries, storyboard-script mode, quizzes and games Terminator: Rise of the Machines 3 Audio Commentaries Terminator Salvation mythology timelines Terminator Salvation “Re-Forging the Future” documentary.

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