DRMSSultry and smooth, DRMS (pronounced “dreams” – now that they’ve dropped the ‘e’ and ‘a’ in the word, there’s no chance they’ll be mistaken for that other band called Dreams) is a San Francisco Bay Area based band comprised of the cream of the crop of today’s young, jazz-trained working musicians. Led by pianist/composer Robert Shelton, the band was quietly, nearly secretly, brewing at Shelton’s direction for the past two years and is just now making its biggest public splashes.

On July 28, the band’s self-titled debut album was unveiled at an exciting and well-attended show at one of San Francisco’s coolest live music venues, The Rickshaw Stop. And just prior to that, the band released its first ever music video, for the song “With You”.

Co-written written with lead vocalist Emily Ritz, “With You” showcases the band’s uncanny ability to play songs with odd, tricky rhythms that nonetheless inspire spirited dancing. The video itself also plays up to Ritz’s art school girl mystique and presents her as a newly transformed diva, while keeping it classy all around and leaving some room for the rest of the band to show how sharp they look in suits. Chalk this one up as yet another Kickstarter-related success.

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