Greetings from scenic Spokane, Washington!

We drove from Santa Clara, CA all the way up here yesterday, a haul of over 1,000 miles. The AAA TripTik said it would take 15 hours. The AAA TripTik lied.

Anyway, I’d planned on writing a more in-depth entry last night, and even uploading a few road tunes for your downloading pleasure, but it was not to be. Tonight we’re only going as far as Missoula, so I should have a little more time and/or energy for bloggin’.

But I know what you all really want to know is whether or not I’ve swallowed any disgusting food. Let me show you something:

I didn’t eat them. None of us did. We don’t love you that much.

But still, it’s worth knowing that the A&W in Oregon sells cheese curds, isn’t it?

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