If it’s Thursday, it must be Montana!

We’ve actually been here in Big Sky Country since yesterday Á¢€” we headed east from Spokane, through Coeur d’Alene (which is gorgeous, by the way), and up into Glacier National Forest in northwest Montana, where we visited our pal (and Glacier employee) Ellen. From there it was due south and into Missoula. It would have been nice if we’d been able to arrive before 11 P.M., and thus able to check out some of the places thoughtfully suggested by A Giac, but alas.

Road work. There’s so much of it going on in Montana, you’d think there were actually a lot of drivers here. It took us three hours to go the 110 or so miles between Glacier and Missoula, and by the time we finally got to our hotel, the only place we could find for dinner was a sad little cafe called 4B’s Á¢€” and even there, we barely snuck in before closing. One of our stated goals on this trip was to get hammered every night; sadly, thus far, there has been no time.

Even with the late hour, I had planned on uploading some music last night, but the “free high-speed Internet access” promised by the Marriott turned out to be a hoax. Maybe tonight.

Tonight, we’ll be in Sundance, Wyoming, a mere 640 miles from Missoula. Since literally 99.7% of that distance will be covered on I-90, hopefully we’ll roll into town early enough to get a few drinks. Maybe catch a movie or something.

There isn’t much else to report, other than that this is beautiful country, and the people are incredibly friendly. And that if you’ve got the arm, you can throw an ice cream sandwich surprisingly high.

Oh. No, wait, there IS something else. You know those roadside crosses people sometimes erect after a fatal car accident? Well, they’re all over the place in Montana. Either these people do not know how to drive, or the state of Montana itself is opening up and swallowing cars. We saw easily fifty monuments yesterday Á¢€” some of them double or even triple crosses!

Wyoming should be safer.

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