Greetings from Sundance, Wyoming!

Yesterday we spent pretty much our entire day on I-90, driving through Montana (the uglier 2/3 of it, as correctly noted by A Giac) and Wyoming. Not the most exciting drive, as you can imagine, but on the bright side, the posted speed limit is 75 MPH basically the whole way. After making a brief stop at Devil’s Tower, we wound up here in Sundance, a pleasant little burg of 1100.

Some free advice, friends: if you’re ever in Sundance, Wyoming, do yourself a favor and stop at the Aro Restaurant for a meal. The food’s good; the service is better. Also, as the sign outside helpfully points out, Aro has “FULL LIQUOR SERVICE.”

Amen and hallelujah.

This is all a somewhat roundabout way of explaining why, even though we arrived in Sundance at around 8 o’clock last night, we still wound up going to bed after one in the morning, and why we’re feeling a tad woozy today. And why we’re all just sort of sitting around. And probably why Walker, Texas Ranger is on the television right now.

Soon, we hit the road. Tonight’s destination: Madison, WI. (You may think the “WI” is unnecessary, but there’s apparently also a Madison, WY. Our new friend Chasity grew up there.) If I remember right, it’s something like a twelve-hour drive; factor in our stop at Mount Rushmore, and today’s going to be a long day.

Maybe I’ll try one of the two dozen energy drinks I see for sale at every gas station we visit.

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