Parlour to Parlour

Before Parlour to Parlour closes the door on 2011, we have a special treat for you.

When Bart Davenport and I first discussed his Parlour to Parlour episode, the original plan was to capture his new electric band in a live music venue after completing the interview at Bart’s home. For various reasons that didn’t happen, so instead we interviewed Bart at one of his favorite outdoor spots in Berkeley, and then shot a solo acoustic performance indoors at his place.

Bart DavenportBart had such a good time during the shoot that he invited us to reconnect later when the timing was better to film a performance with his new live band: lead guitarist Allison Green, bassist Josh Miller and drummer Russ Blackmar. Though the timing of Bart’s November 4, 2011 show at The Uptown in Oakland was not good for video wizard Garrett Eaton, it was good for me. Though Garrett has spoiled me rotten, his absence gave me the opportunity to film an episode all on my own again, just like the earliest Parlour to Parlour episodes of 2009.

So, as a supplement to Episode 34 – or a “bonus track” if you will – we present to you videos of two songs from Bart’s live set that November night in Oakland.

The first performance, “Someone2Dance,” is a new song that Bart has planned for a Valentine’s Day single release on February 14, 2012. It’s pure, grade A power pop, jumping off the stage like it’s 1979 and the world is going crazy over Cheap Trick, The Knack and The Flamin’ Groovies.

Bart Davenport, “Someone2Dance”

The second song, “Meet Me at Midnight,” originates from the 2010 album With All Due Respect, released by Bart’s side project, Incarnations. It’s a little bit power pop, a little bit yacht rock, and easily one of Bart’s catchiest and most memorable tunes.

Bart Davenport, “Meet Me at Midnight”

Oh, and before you start to wonder whether filming these videos entirely in a rock club, as opposed to the artist’s home, is way out of concept for this series, bear this in mind: the week after we wrapped, Bart and I reviewed the footage together in my own home office – the very office where I began filming narration inserts for the original series back in 2009. So in a sense, we’re back where we started – from the artist’s home back into mine. Another circle is complete.

“Someone2Dance” (coupled with b-side “Cheap Words”) is scheduled for release on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012, on Smile! Records (distributed by Antenna Farm) as a 7″ vinyl single and a digital download. The single was produced by Sam Flax. Check the official Antenna Farm Records website for details:

There will be a record release party three days later at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco, California on February 17, 2011.

“Meet Me At Midnight” is a song from Bart’s side project, Incarnations. The record is available via the Spanish label Lovemonk.

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