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Today we find a promising new publishing project that — on the face of it — bears a distracting resemblance to a more established venture, prompting the age-old question: Can you judge a book by its cover?

If there’s one eternal truth about the entertainment industry, it is that innovation engenders imitation — in format as in content. The new “Music On Film” Series from Limelight Editions, which kicks off with volumes on A Hard Day’s Night and Grease, hews closely to a single inspiration. These little paperbacks with their handsome trade dress, each focused on a single specimen of a populist artform — in this case, the movie musical — have a clear antecedent in Continuum Books’ “33â…“” collection, devoted to classic albums.

Like the 33â…“ books, the Music On Film series, with their hip-pocket size and singular scope, are them the perfect diversion for an airport layover, and the genially-obsessive schema tickles the brain’s trivia centers pleasantly. The results vary, of course. Ray Morton’s rundown of A Hard Day’s Night is quite fun, even when retreading well-ploughed ground — an occupational hazard, when adding to the vast canon of Beatles literature — while Stephen Tropiano’s volume on Grease is, by contrast, a rather dry affair.

But for all that the Music On Film books ape the outward particulars of the 33â…“ books, evidence suggests that they will lack the latter’s idiosyncratic ambition…

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