Popdose is both very pleased and equally proud to have the exclusive premiere of the brand new single from A Fragile Tomorrow – a band that is very near and dear to our collective hearts (especially of Dr. Robert Ross, the zen arcadian master of all things power pop).  The Charleston, S.C. quartet are back with their latest offering, “Dig Me Out”, which is also the title of their latest album (which also comes out today)!

About this new track and album, singer/guitarist Sean Kelly shares a little insight:  “”Dig Me Out” was in many ways, the blueprint for the kind of record we ended up making. When the song first came together in the extremely early stages of album production, we’d been exploring more avant-garde influences and immersing ourselves in hip-hop and Krautrock. The rhythmic components of A Tribe Called Quest’s Low End Theory, in particular, were a major influence on the song and, ultimately, the album as a whole. What the song did was give us the confidence to push forward with a completely new vision for the band, stylistically – which was something we’d been seeking for some time. Dom’s move to Los Angeles sparked some conversation about what his future looked like, and a renewed interest in keyboards pushed him into a new role – allowing us to find a drummer whose background was suited for the music we were making. Josh Kean came into the fold amazingly well, and things kind of took off from there.

This record was meant to reinvent things a bit for the band on all fronts. They’re still pop songs underneath, but they don’t center around the guitars in the same way they previously did and we’re focused a lot more on groove. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone as both a singer and guitar player, as we all did with our instruments. The songs are weirder; the guitars sound more like synths than traditional guitars; there’s not an acoustic guitar or Hammond organ in sight, and we’re using 808 kicks and drum machines to help push the rhythmic envelope. It’s a whole new world for us in a lot of ways and it’s the most exciting chapter of this band so far.”

Armed with that kind of explanation, now you need to hit “play” and TURN IT UP – “Dig Me Out” – all new from A Fragile Tomorrow.

Dig Me Out will be released on Friday, July 6th, 2018

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