Every once in awhile, a strong female vocalist comes along who, besides having the chops to carry some truly radio-ready anthems, adds her own voice to a list of lady rockers along the lines of Joan Jett and Pat Benatar. If that seems like high praise, then you obviously haven’t hear Lyndzie Taylor.

Migrating to Los Angeles when she was young, Taylor began pursuing her musical dreams while still in high school. Her upcoming release, Phoenix, is her second full-length album. Where her earlier efforts have included a bit of introspection, her latest release is all rock. ”My music is loud, bold, and in your face,” says Taylor. ”It felt good to match my creative expression with my personality in the studio.”

Single “What Do I Know” carries the trajectory where female rock stars of the 1980s left off. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned that’s true, it’s that when the pushing comes to shove, you can’t rely on anyone but you,” sings Taylor, flavoring her lyrics with feminist credos, which, at a time when Top 40 radio is laden with emotional, submissive hits, is needed more than ever.

”The emotional core of my music is strength,” she says, ”…as a person, as a woman and as an artist.”

Now, in this exclusive Popdose premiere, get your first listen of “What Do I Know,” and watch out for Lyndzie Taylor’s Phoenix, out this November.

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