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If the Lipstick Junkies new song, ‘Build Me a Box’, gets stuck in your head for days, don’t blame me. Blame Canada! Blame Canada! The Toronto trio’s new EP was recorded by Al Connelly and Sam Reid of the Juno Award-winning and Grammy-nominated band, Glass Tiger. For fans of HUGE pop songs from the Eighties, let’s let the awesomeness of that sink in for a moment…

Now if this post can’t get Canadian enough, Bryan Adams sings back-up on that Tiger track. OK, back to business. Fun and games is part and parcel for the Lipstick Junkies who take their name from a Red Hot Chili Peppers song (2011’s ‘The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie’). They have performed around southern Ontario, from London to Montreal, including appearances at Canadian Music Week, Indie Week and Ryerson Radio, and have opened for acts like Walk Off the Earth and Organ Thieves — never heard of those bands? Ask a Canadian!

If you think I mock Canada here, you could not be further from the truth. I love Canadian music. From Bryan Adams and Strange Advance in the Eighties, to the 1990’s when I was glued to the sounds of alternate rock powerhouse 89X rolling across Lake Erie from Windsor, Ontario. British Columbia’s Nat Jay is one of my favorite singer/songwriters today and just yesterday, POPDOSE’s Jay Kumar went absolutely nuts over Mississauga’s favorite sons: Triumph.

Lipstick Junkies 2016

The Lipstick Junkies are Greg Babinski (vocals/guitar), Brian Davis (bass) and JR Tomlinson (drums); their sound is inspired by an eclectic mix of old-school inspirations. The band is just revving its engine, so only time will tell if they’re the next Honeymoon Suite (one of my all time faves) or Rush. The first two tracks from the new EP, New Lingo, premiered on blogs north of the border (or close to it), so POPDOSE lobbied to do the honors for the EP’s by far most amazing very best song, ‘Build Me a Box’:

The other songs are great too. To hear em, connect with the Lipstick Junkies on facebook, twitter and instagram.

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