Popdose is pleased to premiere for you this previously unreleased track from Delaware’s The Spinto Band, “Don’t Take It Personal”.

Bar/None Records will be re-releasing the label debut of these indie-poppers, Nice And Nicely Done, in a deluxe vinyl edition on June 16th. The re-issue features two LPs or deluxe digital download (the original album and twelve previously unreleased bonus tracks).

Nice and Nicely Done is a recording that showed wisdom beyond the years of the band members, some of whom were just graduating high school, when the album originally came out in June 2005. The album was (at the time) cutting-edge indie rock with one ear to the future, pre-dating the breezy but bristling sound of acts like Vampire Weekend. At the same time, the Spintos had clearly soaked up key elements of rock history: The Beach Boys’ harmonies, The Beatles’ penchant for addictive guitar hooks and The Cure’s angst, among other influences.

This track is catchy, bubbly and wry – but never cloying.  Give it a listen; we think it’ll stick with you.

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