I’ve been listening to tracks from Anna Rose’s EP, Strays in the Cut, for a while now, so we were honored to premiere the lyric video for one of the EP’s highlights, ‘Bury Me Deep’.

While I was writing this up, my daughter was glued Tangled, our favorite Disney film of all time. While fact checking this very piece, I discovered Tangled tunesmith Alan Menken (who also composed 1991 and 2017’s Beauty and the Beast) is Anna’s father. Her mother, Janis Roswick, is a ballet dancer. While the artistic gene pool is clearly in her favor, in the music industry, famous parents can be a blessing and a curse. One of my favorite artists from 2016, Eliot Sumner, the daughter of Sting, didn’t need to jettison the family name to make a name for herself, but Anna Rose was wise to forage a path on her own.

‘Bury Me Deep’ is a brooding, dark and sensual track. It’s part of the EP’s mellower one-two punch that also includes the enchanting ‘Start a War’:

Anna Rose breaks out the guitars on many more of her tracks, you can hear all of those on her Soundcloud page. She is in the “steamrolling” phase of her career. In many ways, she reminds me of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in her Big Apple club days, trying on new sounds, seeing what works, what doesn’t, honing her craft, and preparing to take over the world.

Some other critics agree:

“Anna Rose is a singer-songwriter who balances the grit and attitude of pure American rock & roll with gorgeously constructed songs and a softer emotional center.”

“A singer/songwriter who brings to mind Tori Amos’ haunting vocals with a distinct ’70s vibe of a childhood immersed in music history.”

Connect with Anna Rose via her official website, facebook and twitter.

Check her out on tour with, James McCartney, a bloke who’s dad you might also kinda, sorta know:

Wednesday, April 26th
Denver, CO
Larimer Lounge

Friday, April 28th
Salt Lake City, UT
Urban Lounge

Sunday, April 30th
Phoenix, AZ
Valley Bar

Wednesday, May 3rd
Los Angeles, CA
Hotel CafÁ©

Saturday, May 6th

Crockett, CA

Toot’s Tavern

Sunday, May 7th
Santa Cruz, CA
Moe’s Alley

Tuesday, May 9th
Bend, OR
Volcanic Theater Pub

Wednesday, May 10th
Portland, OR
White Eagle Saloon

Saturday, May 13th
Vancouver, BC

Off The Record Fest

June 1-3

Atlantic City, NJ

The Claridge Hotel

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