What do you get when you combine smooth, flowing, almost-spoken verses with an ear-wormy harmonica lick, simple acoustic guitars, a steady backbeat and a guy whose name might imply he’s not what he seems?

The obvious answer is Joe Con, a Californian by way of Kentucky. “Con” is perhaps too strong of a metaphor; Joe isn’t a charlatan, but a chameleon. Adopting some form of rock, hip-hop, and the obvious influences that growing up in Kentucky forces upon a young creative, he’s created a sound that’s contemporary, yet classic. Particularly with “Said and Done,” off his EP I Choose You (out November 14), he brilliantly connects all of his influences in a brand new way and winds up with a song that appeals to a broad range of tastes.

Now, check out the exclusive premiere for Joe Con’s video for “Said and Done,” right here on Popdose!

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