Popdose is pleased to bring you the exclusive premiere of the second video from Connecticut’s LINES WEST and their debut album Stop, Look & Listen, which was reviewed here just a few weeks ago. This great album is fast gaining traction and we’re happy to let you see and hear what we’re talking about.

From singer/guitarist Brian Larney (who sings lead on this track):

“What did I do wrong?

Most of us have probably felt this way at one time or another. You know, when someone important in our life is really upset or angry with us for no apparent reason? With what feels like repeated punches to the stomach, we can feel a bit like Superman. While we try to stand tall and remain unfazed, we quietly take the abuse and never really know why.

“Blistering Heart” emblemizes a feeling. Like a snapshot of a very hot day, far away from home where I spent most of the day not getting spoken to for what I don’t know. By the time the day ended and the silence was broken, it felt like my heart had been badly sunburned. It would heal alright, but not until the redness goes away and the peeling stops.”


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