CD CoverThe brainchild of NYC-based singer/songwriter Emilia Cataldo, Nehedar combines powerful anti-folk with an amalgam of trendy sounds reminiscent of St. Vincent, Regina Spektor and Patti Smith. Cataldo’s songs are traditionally infused with complex, often dark lyrics and ethereal, mystic arrangements. (Listen in the dark for a heightened experience!)

Nehedar’s new album, The Warming Place. and, in fact, the band in general, is draw from Cataldo’s nomadic childhood, the offspring of wandering musicians. Her father is a saxophone playing Nuyorican (Puerto Rican New Yorker) jazz. Her mother was a classically-trained piano teacher who liked folk music. The diverse set of cultural influences a young Cataldo was exposed to as a result of her parents helped shape and mold her musical personality into something completely unlike any other, while playing Lower East Side dives sharpened her chops.

“Come Into The Light,” Nehedar’s new single and video, is similar, except more heartfelt and emotional. Sounding similar to ’90s songstresses like Fiona Apple, Cataldo’s modulating vocals project innate sadness and, somewhere, hope. According to Cataldo, its lyrics describe “overcoming my fear of not having my mother to support me during my pregnancy.” It’s true what they say: out of great pain comes great art.

Take a look at the video for “Come Into The Light” in its EXCLUSIVE Popdose premiere!

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