As you know, Popdose loves Lisa Said, the singer/songwriter/guitarist who knocked us out with her debut album and E.P. over the last year and a half.  So we are both proud and pleased to be premiering the video for “Regular Guy,” from Get Rich Quick Too, the debut EP from her new, D.C.-based band, Piramid Scheme which is being released by Tall Short Records on April 27. The video was filmed by noted D.C. hardcore punk photographer Jim Saah and directed by Scott Crawford, who wrote and directd the D.C. hardcore documentary Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC (which was reviewed on Popdose).

The scheming trio began recording in December 2017 at Inner Ear Studio in Arlington, VA with legendary sound engineer Don Zientara, completing the sessions within 3 weeks. Darren Day performed all bass and most of the guitar this time, but everything else on the recordings are the same as Said’s solo’s work: Said handling vocals and guitar; Andrew Toy – drums; Darren Day on bass, Jason Kingsland mixing and Zientara mastering the EP.
If Said’s solo work was an impression of interpersonal entanglements, Piramid Scheme is a joint retreat to the garage—complete with a punching bag, vintage amps, and face cut-outs on the dart board.  So open your ears, open your eyes and get ready for a band that was definitely worth waiting for.

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