Once in awhile, a band, a sound, comes along that smushes together the far corners of your musical tastes. For me, that’s the retro sounds of the ’60s/’70s and the music of my youth: the ’90s. The Begowatts conjure these themes, maybe even without trying to. Their single “Grand Charade,” from their new LP of the same name, recalls ’90s guitar bands like Polaris, while its vocals (courtesy of David French) are Bowie-esque in the best way.

For the video, the band took a straightforward and purposefully understated approach, serving up some musician realness in the two main settings every artist is intimately familiar with: the studio and the stage. Symbolically showing the song’s progression from recording to performing is gratifying, even for the person watching it.

Check out the video for the Begowatts’ “Grand Charade” below, now making its Popdose premiere!

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