You knew this was coming. Let’s get to it.

1. Shakespeare’s Sister – Stay
2. Sophie B. Hawkins – Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
3. INXS – Not Enough Time
4. George Michael – Too Funky
5. John Mellencamp – Love and Happiness (don’t laugh, the remix was done by EMF’s producer, and it kills)
6. The Lightning Seeds – Blowing Bubbles
7. Meryn Cadell – The Sweater
8. Peter Gabriel – Steam
9. The Cure – High
10. The Wolfgang Press – Mama Told Me Not to Come
11. Thompson Twins – Play with Me Jane
12. The B-52’s – The World’s Green Laughter
13. Prefab Sprout – If You Don’t Love Me
14. Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea
15. Utah Saints – Something Good
16. David Bowie – Real Cool World
17. Information Society – Going Going Gone
18. Electronic – Disappointed

That’s right, there are a whopping four songs from the “Cool World” soundtrack here.

As I mentioned in my post of the Popdose Flashback 1991 beat mix, 1992 was the year that I started falling out of the remix window. Everything started to get really techno and house-oriented, beat speeds jacked up and songs completely made over, bearing little resemblance to the original version. So I went with a lot of original versions this time around. The downside is that some of the segues are abrupt and lack the flow that the 1991 mixes had (my kingdom for a drum breakdown!), and in some instances it made more sense to simply do a cold transition rather than sync two songs together (case in point: the Cure and the Wolfgang Press). Also, 1991 was just a better year for music than 1992 was (in my humble opinion), so while I like the songs here a lot, I’ll be the first to admit that this is not as solid a batch as the previous mix. How’s that for a sales pitch?

Popdose Flashback 1992 Beat Mix

My apologies to the following bands, whom I tried to include but had to remove for aesthetic purposes (i.e., they use real musicians, and the drum tracks wouldn’t sync up):

James – Born of Frustration
The Charlatans UK – Weirdo
House of Love – You Don’t Understand

And, back for an encore performance…
Popdose Flashback 1991 Beat Mix

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